Casino Traits – Push and Pull Money Methods

The two common methods of betting in a casino
When we talk about gambling, we talk about millions of people across the world involved in a high stakes game. Some win, some lose and some break even. Some of those people have little control, others have some idea and a slight percentage, know exactly what they’re doing.

When you walk into a casino, or log into an online casino. Your immediate brain waves reveal to you a desire to win money, this is the wrong mentality, as you should be thinking about making money as apposed to winning it.

The difference between winning money and making money, is that you can expect to make money, where as winning is a surprise. Well i don’t know about you, but i don’t like surprises.
Now just to get you started, everyone in gambling will fall into two types of category when it comes to gambling and the way they bet. These methods are pushing and pulling aspects, and they exist simultaneously whether we are or are not aware of them.

It is essential, that if you are to become a successful online gambler, that you atleast pay particular attention to your own situations and that you are at least aware of these traits.

Pulling Method
Pulling method is the more aggressive of the two as it involves the gambler reaching out for as much control as they can get there hands on. For instance, if on a roulette wheel you see someone placing huge bets and covering a huge percentage of the board. Then this is pulling of the game, aplikasi sbobet these gamblers tend to rake large bets on shorter scales.

Pulling is heavy on the bankroll, but it can be very rewarding. You’ll know that you are pulling bets if you’re bankroll seems to reduce very quickly. Another example of pulling a bet is by using the cross sectional advantage on slot machines and therefore chasing the higher odds.

If you feel your spending quickly, showing aggression in a seemingly desperate fashion, then stop and think for a moment. You are pulling, to counter this, just observe your situation and perhaps use your system correctly or even try some pushing instead.

Pushing Method
Pushing method is the conservative option, often used by players who have less in their pockets and more on the minds. They bet simple and on singular positions, avoid heads up poker matches and probably bet on the favourites in horse racing.

Pushing does not hit the bankroll as hard, but it also takes more time to make money this way. That being said, in around 80 percent of gambling systems, the gambling technique of which they are applied is based upon a pushing characteristic.

You’ll know you are pushing if you are worried about your situation, are in over your head, betting little amounts of money on single positions, playing within your means and the bankroll is hardly effected.

Whilst the safe mentality is pushing, it is best to drift between the two in an unpredictable fashion. When you can switch between both methods on your own command, then the casino can only fear you.
Just be aware of these two methods, everyone does it, it’s just an advantage to know where you stand at any particular moment.