Spartan Slots Casino – Features 4 Exclusive Slots

Spartan Slots is a brand new online casino that was launched on the Rival Gaming software platform. The site is fully licensed to operate online gaming by the government of Netherlands Antilles and accepts players from all over the world. The casino promises to provide players with an unparalleled gaming experience, together with the highest standard of fairness, security and service.

Software and Games Spartan Slots boasts Rival Gaming’s entire portfolio of award winning games, as well as unique titles that will only be found at this site. The games can be downloaded on to the player’s PC or the convenient instant play casino can be instantly accessed.

In the slots department, players will have access to plenty of titles, including the exciting i-Slots that make Rival’s platform so popular. In addition, four exclusive slots titles can be tried, namely Aussie Rules, Diamonds Downunder, Spartan Warrior and Crazy Camel Cash.

Video poker games, table games such as roulette and blackjack, as well as specialty games such as scratch cards and keno also feature strongly in the games lineup.

Players can also stand in line to win massive progressive jackpots on games such as Major Moolah and Strike Gold.
Bonuses and Promotions New players to the site will be pleased to find a huge welcome bonus that is spread over their first six deposits, awarding them with thousands of dollars in free cash to make their initial bankroll spread far. Referring a friend can earn the players extra cash to play with at the site.

Payment and Payouts The online casino offers players a wide range of secure and reliable banking methods with which to fund their accounts and withdraw their money, including regular (credit/debit cards) and alternative banking methods (eWallet, internet banking, etc.). The site accepts payment in US Dollars, Euros, South African Rands and British Pounds.
Security The online casino understands how important security is to players and has thus implemented the last word in SSL encryption technology to protect privacy and information.

The site’s Random Number Generator is tested and certified for fairness and accuracy, while an inbuilt game and history log in the cashier’s area allows players to check all game and financial information at any time.

Support Assistance is available through a number of channels at this online casino, including toll free numbers from the United States, UK or Australia. Support can also be obtained via email, while a live support team is available 24/7 through the website or directly from the casino.

Spartan Slots Casino As a brand new online casino site, Spartan Slots seems to have it all – the backing of a very reliable software group, a superb collection of games that boasts old time favorites as well as exclusive new titles, easy payment methods and top notch security. Add to that 24/7 customer support through several channels and this site no doubt has the makings of an award winning online casino.

This information was accurate when it was written but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all information directly with the casino.

Can You Beat the Game of Blackjack?

Blackjack is probably the only casino game where it is mathematically proven that players can have an advantage over the dealer and win the game. But despite the myriad books, articles and movies all saying that blackjack can be beaten, most people around the world are resigned to the fact that blackjack can’t be beaten, ever.
However, several people have proven that this is not entirely true. People can win at blackjack and many have actually made a living in Las Vegas and other casino centers around the world playing blackjack. What this takes is for people to know the game inside and out and know how to apply the strategies and card counting techniques. But aside from applying these techniques, people who want to win in blackjack should also have the right attitude as well as knowing when to play and when to stop.
If Blackjack Can Be Beaten, Why Do Casinos Still Offer This Game?
The primary answer to this question is simply this: only a very few people know how to do this and make it work. Most people would simply lose money, while some may win money for some time but because they don’t have the right attitude and secure their winnings while the odds are still in their favor, they eventually lose everything in the long run.
There is really no sure-fire method of beating blackjack with every hand that you’re dealt. If such techniques existed, then casinos would surely take this game off their roster. What these strategies can do for you is to increase your odds of winning, and it is still up to you and how well you have mastered these techniques that would influence the possible outcome of your game.
Statistically speaking, only about 5% of people playing blackjack have succeeded and earned substantial winnings from the game in the long run. Casinos are aware of this possibility but they are aware that an even greater percentage of these players will eventually lose their money. The longer these people play, more money is lost to the casino’s advantage.
Strategies and Techniques to Beat the Game
Knowing the possibility of beating the dealer is one thing, but using and applying the right techniques as each game progresses is the key. There are several strategy tables available that will guide you on when to hit or when to stand depending the values of each card in your hand and the dealer’s up card. Card counting is also another technique that is proven to increase your chances of betting the dealer by letting you have an idea of what type of cards are still left inside the shoe so you can bet, hit, double down, or stand accordingly.
However, it is not enough to know these strategies and techniques. Serious players should devote enough time and focus to master these techniques and learn how to apply them in real-life situations. Many have experienced success while practicing at the comforts of their own homes, but failed miserably when they started to apply what they trained for inside a real casino full of myriad distractions. It would take a lot of determination in order to overcome these distractions and use the techniques you learned to your advantage.
Have the Correct Attitude to Beat the Game
The right attitude towards the game is also another important element that will ensure that you win in this game. Remember that you are not really beating the house because this is statistically improbable, but you can beat the dealer in certain hands and you can adjust your bets accordingly. Many have fallen to the wrong belief that the goal of blackjack is to hit 21 on each and every hand they play, when all they need to focus on is just beat the dealer’s hand.
Good players bet only a minimum set of values whenever the odds are not in their way, but would adjust accordingly in the cards run in their favor. Good players will always stick to their strategies, never diverting from it and applying whatever is appropriate for each hand dealt. Many fall prey, succumbing to their emotions and start betting irrationally – losing all their money in the end.
Blackjack players should also know when to quit particularly when they are ahead. The odds will not always run in your favor as statistics could prove to you, and in the long run the house will always win. Setting a target for winnings and cashing in when these targets are met is a sure way to beat the game. In the same way, when odds as not in your favor, learn how to stop and don’t chase after the money you’ve lost that very day – there is always tomorrow.

Las Vegas Gaming For Beginners – Las Vegas Casino

Las Vegas Gaming For Beginners – Las Vegas Casino

Las Vegas vacations inevitably involve a trip to at least one or two of the many awesome casinos that have made the city famous. While many travelers will be chomping at the bit to sit down at a high stakes table, others might approach the whole situation with some trepidation.
Not everyone is a veteran gambler. In fact, many of the folks who head west on Las Vegas vacations have never placed a wager in their lives. That can be intimidating. There’s money on the line and it seems like everyone else is up-to-speed with the hustle and bustle of the casinos. Las Vegas vacations can be an absolute blast and a good time at the casino is often the highlight of a trip.
Enjoying a few games of chance while in Vegas shouldn’t be scary. It should be fun! Here are a few tips for novice gamblers that will make their first casino visit a little less intense and a lot more entertaining.
First, stick to relatively simple games. Some games are more involved and complicated than others. For instance, craps has literally thousands of betting possibilities, its own unique vocabulary and a lot of fast action. It might not be the best place for a new gamer to try his or her luck. Poker is a game of skill and Vegas attracts many skilled players who don’t have a lot of patience for someone who needs to be reminded whether three of a kind beats two pairs (it does) or who don’t know the difference between a big blind and a check raise. The poker tables aren’t a great place for a newbie gambler to cut his or her teeth.
If, on the other hand, you can stick to relatively simple games. Slot machines, obviously, are very easy to play. Blackjack isn’t particularly complicated and almost anyone can master the basic strategy in a short period of time. You’ll feel more comfortable when you understand the game.
Second, play at low limit tables and don’t over-bet. There are a few reasons for this. First, tables that have low limits usually attract more newer players. You’ll be “among your own” with a dealer who is prepared to deal with occasional delays, errors and questions. It’s a more comfortable environment. Second, it’s easier to lose a bundle than it is to win one. Novice gamblers should stay away from situations that make it too easy to lose too much quickly.
Finally, take advantage of lessons. You might not know it, but almost every resort casino in Las Vegas will give you free lessons about how the various games are played. You can learn the ins and outs of the games that interest you before you ever put a single chip on the felt. Free lessons are a great way of developing the kind of comfort level that make Las Vegas vacations less intimidating and more fun.
You can have a great time gaming even if you’re completely inexperienced. Following the three simple tips outlined here can render even a first-time novice comfortable in a casino setting.

Keno Strategy Is a Myth You Can’t Count On to Win

Because keno uses the same rules as the lottery, a player will not find a true strategy, unless the player uses a certain method when choosing lottery numbers. Simply pick a group of numbers and play against numbers dropped through a “gooseneck.”

The game board consists of the numbers one through eighty. Players choose up to ten numbers, while the online software picks twenty numbers from the same board. When one of the bettor’s numbers matches a number on the online board, the player makes a “hit.” The more numbers a player pre-selects, the longer the odds, and a player who pre-selects ten numbers faces very long odds in matching all ten.

As the board reveals the numbers dropped through the gooseneck, players mark off those that match the ones they chose to play. Once this process is completed, players add up earnings.

Tips for Online Keno
Examine results from prior games to find numbers that have not dropped through the gooseneck for some time. Some people think that neglected numbers may be more likely to appear. However, this is not considered a strategy but more like a superstition. Of course, players can indulge in an opposite strategy and choose numbers that seem to be always showing up and winning.

On the other hand, you can always choose one number and continue using that number until it wins. The laws of probability dictate that it has to appear sometime!

Keno does not require talent or gambling acumen. It is strictly a game of luck. The player chooses numbers and hopes that those numbers will drop through the gooseneck.

Gamblers frequently entertain the thought that, if you play a certain game enough times, your total wins will exceed your losses. Of course, this will happen at some point in playing any game so this strategy is simply a given for any online casino game, including keno.

The odds against hitting the right number combinations in keno are extremely high, about the same as in the lottery. However, these inferior odds mean jackpots generally remain high and much more desirable.

When playing keno online, players can pick their own numbers or use a random number generator, either from the casino site or by performing a search. Either way, the odds of winning are the same.

Some people try to play the trends, by playing the numbers that seem to be coming up frequently. However, no matter what anyone tells you, strategies do not exist for keno.

Free Play Online Casino – An Enjoyable Option for All

Casinos are considered to be one of the most entertaining things that are out there today. Currently, there are a large number of people that flock to casinos quite regularly in order to enjoy some of the fine games that are offered here. However, you might be surprised to know that there are ways in which you can enjoy the games here without having to spend any money. In fact, enjoying the casino games without having to pay for it is probably one of the biggest gripes that people have with casinos. With a free play online casino, this is probably a thing of the past.

Don’t be mistaken that simply because this is a free option it is going to be something that you might not really enjoy. On the contrary, considering the fact that this is a free option, it is still thoroughly enjoyable. In fact, you might find it quite hard to get anything else that could be just as much fun without paying for it. The number of games is quite decent and you do get to play some of the most popular casino games in a free play online casino.

In fact, many of the people that do go in for a free play online casino are quite thrilled with what they end up getting, as the games here are anything but disappointing. You should find it to be pretty much one of the best options out there, which would perhaps explain why this is one of the most sought after option today. Unlike some of the free things that you find, this particular free option is provided with good intentions and you can be rest assured that you will be thoroughly entertained with this particular option as well.

It is also worth noticing that you can enjoy a free play online casino without any kind of obligation to pay or do something else. In fact, some people like it so much that they do eventually migrate to the paid options. Since you will not get all the games of a full-fledged online casino, it is recommended that you pay something out of your pocket if you do intend to look for more options. Additionally, it is also worth noticing that you can enjoy these casinos without having to migrate to the paid options, if you are satisfied with the free ones itself.

Casino Gambling As An Extension To Everyday Life!

Predictably, the slots pay a computer-prescribed return: limited to ‘luck’ of the draw in slot winning or losing cycles. So, bet accordingly! A word to the wise: take advantage of the perks, the advice, and find the fairly loose machines; otherwise, you are a sure loser.

We submit to many generic outcomes: not just testing our luck on games of chance but another big gamble: the odds no less insurmountable than Casino gambling. Oddly, no pun intended, the comparison rests in our selection of a beneficial, spiritual, comfort zone, or even to the denial of supernatural existence. Here, ‘chance’ depends on whether we are born Judaic, Christian, Islamic, or as a doubting Thomas. Yet, like playing the slots, we can evaluate our luck of the draw in this regard also. We just have to discover the paying proposition.

Why compare religious ethos with a questionable ethic like gambling?
If one can accept the diversity in religious customs and their irresponsibility to established rules of engagement, one can wonder at the benefit or outcome in discipline assurances. A subject shrouded in mysterious symbols, numbers, parables, or other unspecific language is not an easy topic to decipher, but the dilemma is not impossible to solve.

The slots are easy to figure: first, we know they are computers programmed to return a certain profit to the Casino; second, we know they must have winning and losing cycles to encourage bettors and yet assure profit for the house; third, we know some machines are set to pay a lesser return than others; fourth, every slot winning cycle is followed by a losing cycle. Learn to recognize the symptoms. Some players almost always leave the Casino a winner. Allow yourself to quit a winner.

Back to the other chance so commonly abused:
First, any spiritual belief is strictly in the mind;
Second, Daniel clearly limits the monotheism experience to Ten Ages; if one does not know the chronological schedule, then he is subject to much disillusionment and false belief;

Third, Ezekiel advises of a strict limit to benefit, to the likes of Noah, Daniel, and Job;

Fourth, between the statements of Jesus and Paul, a strict limit to time-frame was “at hand” in the Last Age, and was coming to a close in A.D. 68.
Therefore, in view of these factual observations, thinkers must commit to a reevaluation of the monotheism incentive.

If, in view of these conclusions, one still wants to gamble, take a ride on the slots, or chance a religion choice, upon what set of rules or inescapable facts will he select as an advantage in these greatly contested gambles? You cannot lose by investigating the syllogistic expressions now available and resulting from fifteen years of arduous research.

Online Casino Sites Are Only For Fun Or You Can Actually Win Money With Them?

Nowadays there’s a lot of buzz about online casino sites and online poker rooms with a lot of different tournaments. If you are not new in this kind of games, you know that they are anything but new, even before year 2000, several of the best online casino sites now and poker rooms were on internet. So, what’s happens now? Obviously this kind of games provide great profits for the owners of the sites. Then, helping the gambling addiction with a lot of TV and internet commercials, you have more and more profits for this websites.

Let’s try to answer the question of this article. If you want a fast response, it will be “No”. But let’s think in a better response. Mathematically, the “house” is going to win always, that’s a fact. But there’s always the chance that allows to loose more to some players and win more for another ones. This doesn’t mean that you have high winning probabilities, it only means that the winning probability for you exists. Remember, in every online gambling game(also for not online ones, land casinos, real poker tables, etc.) the probabilities are against you.

My suggestion is that you can play a lot of gambling games just for fun or for a little real money too, but don’t become addicted to them. There’s no online casinos sites that could guarantee long term winnings. The best and smartest decision for you is to learn a lot about the game that you are going to play, start playing for fun only and then, if you can stop playing at any time, start playing with small amounts of money to add some spicy attributes to the casino game.

We start talking about the rising of this kind of websites, it’s easy to figure that just looking television but you can surf on the internet and find a lot of blogs with titles like casino and betting online and many others.